About Us

One of the main challenges in the modernization of today’s armed forces is adapting to the digital battlefield. This implies controlling intelligence, information and communications across the entire battlefield. XS Specialities has therefore supplied system’s addressing soldier modernization program requirements, an integrated suite of state-of-the-art equipment that addresses all operational requirements: protection, mobility, weapon use, autonomy, observation, communications, command.

XS Specialities, supply’s a number of innovative solutions to its clients that optimize the infantry soldier’s or L.E officer’s operational and decision-making abilities. Qualified for use in airborne, urban, desert, jungle and mountain environments, this includes: combat gear, weapon and scope, eyepiece for around-the-corner sighting, multi-function binoculars, communications system, terminal information systems.

Our researchers will find the right gear ergonomically designed for combat ensuring it is state of art, light weight, strong, practical and ample, for greater wearing comfort. Enhancing safety and in some cases reducing the wearer’s thermal and visual signature. While some of our other products include its fire-resistance and modular ballistic protection, which will be adapted to each mission at our end-users request.